Friday, May 25, 2007


im gunna post some stuff up soon i just been kinda busy/ lazy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MM..Food & MM..Leftovers

MF DOOM- MM..Leftovers
Yes I had to do it! MF DOOM one of the most raw Emcees in the Underground, releases MM..Food, which is one of the most brilliant albums with word play that no Emcee can touch. This album's dope beets are also brilliant. He also releases a follow up with some extra stuff called MM..Leftovers. MM..Food is one of the best albums I have ever heard, I am not exaggerating when I say MF DOOM is my favorite. I love how he uses foods as metaphors in life situations. MF DOOM is a Genius.

1.Beef Rapp
2.Hoe Cakes
4.One Beer
6.Poo-Putt Platter
8.Bi-Carbonate Of Figleaf
9.Con Carne
10.Guinnessez (feat. Angelika / 4ize)
11.Con Queso
12.Rapp Snitch Knishez (feat. Mr. Fantastik)

No track listings for MM..Leftovers

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Hunger

MF GRIMM- American Hunger (2006)
Wow, that's what I am going to say first. This album is ground breaking. MF GRIMM is the first rapper to release a triple cd, and guess what there are no fillers. There are 60 songs that MF GRIMMM poured his heart into. This album is one of the most poetic things I've heard. I love a mass amount of these song and I hope you love them to because this was a very long upload. Beautiful piece of work that's all i am going to touch on it just listen to the damn album.
Disc 1
1.American Hunger (Breakfast)
2.When faith is Lost

3.Page Six
4.The Life I Lead
6.Code Noir (Revenge of the Masked Avengers)
7.Right There
8.I Rather Be Wrong

9.Watch Out!
10.Yes or No
11.The Trees (feat. Baron)
12.The Path
13.Still My Love

14.Steal It
15.My Mentality
16.A Mother's Heart

17.Street General
19.The Gingerbread Man
20.I Don't Know
Disc 2
1.American Hunger (Lunch)

3.Boing (feat. PMD / MF Mez)
4.It's No Secret
5.I Remember
6.United (feat. Large Professor)
7.I Love You
8.Traveling (feat. Kurious / Lord Smog / Bashton the Invizabul Mang)

12.Agony (No Jugamos)
13.Master Builders
14.Things I've Said (feat. Baron)

15.Broken Glasses
16.Dark Skies (No Jugamos) (feat. Nate Denver / Bashton the Invizabul Mang)
18.Crazy (feat. MF Mez)
19.Who Rock (feat. Deuce Gangsta)
20.F**k You

Disc 3
1.American Hunger (The Last Supper)
2.Children of Abel
4.Adam & Eve

5.Lift Me Up (Snakes & Ladders)
6.Heaven Can Wait
7.Children of Cain

9.Manhattan Murder (feat. MF Mez)

11.Government of Deception
12.Brand New
13.No One
14.Elevate (feat. Majesty / Infinite Evolution)
15.Everything (feat. Majesty / Mr Met / Baron)
16.The Whole World (feat. Infinite Evol)
17.Ten Stories

18.Twin Peaks (feat. MF Mez / Hasan Salaam)
19.Simple Rhyme
20.The Book of Daniel (feat. MF Mez / Bashton the Invizabul Mang

Legendary Music Vol. 1

Living Legends- Legendary Music Vol. 1 (2006)
Living Legends sampler for what to come is dope in itself that is why i have put it up here. This album features songs from each artists that is releasing and album. I cant believe this sampler is such a banger a lot of magnificent tracks my ultimate favourite is the Grouch & Eligh song Remember Who You Are. This album is a taste of what your going to get into the future of the living legends. Personally I can't wait for that Grouch & Eligh Album to release. I give it a 9 out of 10.
1.Aesop - 'Moving at the Speed of Life' (feat. Slug)
2.Lucky - 'Another Day' (feat. Marty James)
3.Grouch - 'Artsy'

4.Bicasso - 'She's The One'
5.Sunspot Jonz - 'Purple Kush'
6.Murs - 'Love You Like This'
7.Lucky - 'Rap, Rap, Rap'

8.Bicasso - 'Think Big'
9.3 Melancholy Gypsys - '2010'
10.Scarub - 'Close To You' (feat. Nesa Wright)
11.Grouch & Eligh - 'Remember Who You Are'

Heroes in the City of Dope

Zion I & Grouch- Heroes in the City of Dope (2006)

Zion I & Grouch is one of the best colab albums I've seen in a while, this album is really uplifting and positive on a lot of the tracks and then it shows the dramatic and rough streets of Oakland (the city of dope). I might be exaggerating but in think it shows on this album that Grouch is one of the best emcees out there. All these tracks are bumping all the beats are fresh, all beats are done by amp except for a few that are done by Grouch, Eligh, and Headnoc. The only song I don't like is Hit Em' with Mistah Fab, because I don't like Mistah Fab. I am no lying when i say this but this is a UNDERGROUND ESSENTIAL.


2.Hit Em (feat. Mistah FAB)

3.Lift Me Up
4.Trains, Planes
5.Say Sumthin
6.Too Much (feat. Chali2na)
7.Faint of Heart
8.Make You Fly (feat. Esthero)
10.Open The Door

12.Digital Dirt
13.10 Fingers, 10 Toes, 10 lbs, 10 oz
15.Bad Lands

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Murray's Revenge

Murs- Murray's Revenge (2007)
Murs has outdone himself again in this album, in my opinion this isn't his best album but it is up there. His beats by 9th Wonder are so soul full, it is simply a classic. How he brings his lyrics to you in that phenomenal storytelling way we all know and love is simply Murs' style. This album launched him to stardom. Murs finally got a deal with the majors, signing to Warner Brothers because of noticing his talent. This albums warm feeling it gives you makes you enjoy every minute of it. Personally my two favorite songs are Murray's Law, because of his lyrical attack he showcases and Dreamchaser because it tells you a story that shows what trials and tribulations you have to go through in L.A. This album is a piece of work you do not want to miss.
1.Murs Day
2.Murray's Law
3.Silly Girl
5.Yesterday & Today
8.Love & Appreciate
9.D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)
10.Murray's Revenge

The Minstrel Show

Little Brother- The Minstrel Show (2005)
Little Brother's 9th Wonder, Phonte, and Rapper Big Pooh by far have the best chemistry on the tracks together (before they broke up on good terms recently). Phonte and Pooh are both incredible lyricists and 9th wonders soulful beats makes this one of the best experiences your ears will ever have. Everyone of the tracks is a great song, it is easy to fall in love with Little Brother after hearing this. From start to finish this album is incredible and shows how much Little Brother shines, i recommend this 100%.
1.Welcome to the Minstrel Show
2.Beautiful Morning
4.Not Enough
6.Hiding Place
7.Slow It Down
8.Say It Again
9.5th And Fashion
10.Lovin' It
11.Notepad of a Mad Black Daddy
12.All For You
13.Watch Me
14.Sincerely Yours
15.Still Lives Through
16.Minstrel Closing Theme
17.We Got Now
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